We believe in the future.

We're consultants by day, but JM2 Capital is also a strategic partner in securing the financial legacy you've worked so hard to create.



Built on our strategy expertise, JM2 Capital works with founders and owners of small to mid-size enterprises to create, realize, and sustain long-term wealth. Because we've done it ourselves, we know the challenges founders face and provide strategic solutions to maximize wealth creation.

We are your strategic partner for mergers and acquisitions, confidential information memorandum development, exit strategies and prep for sale, and generational hand-offs. We also serve as "management for hire," shepherding your business through critical transition periods.


JM2 Capital invests in a diverse portfolio of business and real estate projects across a balanced allocation of assets. We offer solutions for capital infusion, small business loans, and other debt and equity plays.  We're more than private equity - we're passionate partners who bring the commitment and experience to help you succeed.

In addition to debt and equity, we consult with family offices to develop strategic partnerships with custodial banks, wealth management advisors, attorneys and accountants in order to align those partners toward your long term objectives and values.